A little about us…

A “locavore” is described as someone who is interested in eating locally-produced food, rather than settling for food that has to be shipped in from other states or countries.

With this concept in mind, Christine Reid opened Locavore in April 2010 as a place for customers to not only enjoy fresh pastries, hot coffee and delicious meals, but to relax in an atmosphere where people can create relationships with their food.

At Locavore, we believe everyone has a right to access good food, and we do our best to bring in the most organic, localized food we can. We are a full-service restaurant located at 3110 Bown Road, in the heart of the blossoming Bown Crossing. We proudly serve Dawson Taylor coffee, we have a wide variety of local beers and wines and a case full of mouth-watering pastries we make in house.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? We love hearing feedback! Feel free to contact us at locavoreboise@gmail.com, or give us a call at 338-8887!


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